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Permanent  Makeup 

Lip Blush Treatment - £275 

Additional 6 week Top Up - £25

Lip Blush tattooing is used to enhance your natural lip colour and shape, by adding a soft blush to give the illusion of a fuller more defined lip.


Over time we can loose the lip volume and definition, we can help by using semi-permanent makeup to add colour and definition.


This technique is also perfect for those that have had lip filler, as you can loose the colour in the lip borders, lip blush will create colour back in naturally to where it has been lost.

Ombre Brow Treatment - £275 

Additional 6 week Top Up - £25

The Ombre brow technique is used to create a soft, powdery brow. Adapted to suit the individual to create a 'Brow Tint' effect or a stronger more defined makeup look. The edges and beginnings of the brows are defused for an overall softness. This technique works very well on all skin types and can last up to 2-4 years with a yearly colour boost appointment recommended.

Colour Boost Appointments -

6-12 Month - £100

12-18 Month - £170

18-24 Month - £225

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